panorama on Cape Revellata
Copyright: Andrea biffi
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10600x5300
Uploaded: 04/09/2011
Updated: 23/05/2014


Tags: corse; corsica; mediterranean; sea; mediterraneo; france; island; pano; panorama; view; spherical; photo; 360; deda; andrea biffi; cape; revellata; punta
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More About Corsica

An animated island, past and present, Corsica "often conquered, never subdued" has been successively Pisan and Genovese and has been French since 1768. It enjoys a special constitutional status. Mountain in the sea, Corsica is also called Island of beauty, not without reason. The diversity of its scenery, and its preservation from the aggressions of development and tourism, makes it one of the pearls of the Mediterranean sea....more on wikitravel.org