Courtyard Chorherrenstift Dürnstein

The monastery Duernstein was populated 1410 by the Augustiner-Chorherren. The Chorherren came from the Bohemian Wittingau. In the course of the 15th Duernstein century, they built a Gothic monastery facility.

300 years after the founding of the monastery was Hieronymus Übelbacher for Probst elected. The building was in poor condition, and so he decided to barockisieren. He combined this with a great concept and content was the center and coordinator of the artistic program.
The Stift Dürnstein of the top of the tower up in the rocks of the foundation into theological program. Here is really the word "talking stones".

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Copyright: Martin Kneth
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9000x4500
Uploaded: 07/04/2009
Updated: 08/04/2012


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Thomas Blanket
Austria, Durmstein, Stift Court
Wolfgang Stich
Dürnstein, Klosterplatz
Wolfgang Stich
Wachau, Dürnstein, Tunnelweg
Wolfgang Stich
Wachau, Dürnstein, Tunnelweg
Wolfgang Stich
Dürnstein, Hauptstraße
Wolfgang Stich
Wachau, Dürnstein
Thomas Blanket
Austria, Durmstein, Stift Terrasse
Thomas Bredenfeld
Duernstein Wachau Lower Austria
Zoltan Duray
Dürnstein - 3
Zoltan Duray
Dürnstein - 4
Martin Kneth
Dürnstein from Danube
Wolfgang Stich
Dürnstein, Prangerplatz
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Viewpoint Ferdinandswarte in the winter
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