Badger Weir, Victoria

Christmas lunch 2010, Badger Weir, Yarra Ranges National Park. A wooden footbridge on a forrest path passes over a beautiful creek in which children and their families play on Christmas day.

More information: http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/resources05/05_0504.pdf

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Tags: bridge; forest; temperate; creek; park; water; green; lush; australia; victoria; national park
  • paulette hughes over 1 year ago
    went to Badgers weir when visiting my sister in Mt Eliza Australia loved it and feeding the birds it was fantastic always in my memory for life .
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    Fritz Hanke
    Badger Weir, Yarra Ranges National Park
    Fritz Hanke
    Badger Weir, Yarra Ranges National Park
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