Crimea Yalta Livadia Palace South Facade

The building is designed in Italian Renaissance style with the inclusion of Arab and Byzantine motifs of Gothic architecture. Various architectural styles - a kind of fashion the beginning of XX century. The palace is built of stone and inkermanskogo impregnated outside flyuatom Kessler - a solution that protects it from darkening in the hundreds of years. Fundam mramorovidnogo of gray limestone. Main entrance to the palace is decorated in pairs facing columns of bluish-white Carrara marble and decorated with fine art of stone carving, made by Russian and Italian artists. On both sides of the massive oak doors - large vase of dark green jasper Uralic, charming portal to the fine carvings on marble, and over the door - miraculously survived wars and revolutions majestic emblem of the dynasty. East façade of the palace is decorated with stucco ornaments, columns of krimbalskogo stone, elegant Florentine lanterns. On the southern facade of the frieze, wall medallions with the coats of arms of Russian province. In the central part of the palace is situated Italian courtyard with a gate, brought from Verona. Another inner courtyard, the so-called Arabic, is a light well, with it highlights the palace premises, in which there is no exit to the street. East flavor enhances the marble courtyard fountain with the inscription made by the Arab vyazyu. One of the stairs leading inside the palace, adjacent pergolas - arbor of curling roses. A ladder under a small stone sculpture of a well chimera - a mythical creature with lion's mouth, snake tail and goat body.

Copyright: Dmitry sverdlov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 24/05/2009
Updated: 19/02/2012


Tags: crimea; yalta; livadia palace; south facade
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