Crusoe Resevoir Sluice Gates

In 1872 Bendigo's increasing population and gold activity, as well as drying conditions

saw the start of a second stage in developing permanent water supply to Bendigo.

Off the back of the nearby successful No 7 Reservoir and water treatment works, engineer Joseph Brady

was appointed to oversee the construction of a holding reservoir within the Robinson Crusoe Gully.

To be called Crusoe Reservoir it was built to hold approximately 350 million gallons (1500ML)

and included an improved water filtration system.

The Crusoe Reservoir was completed on 23 April 1873 with construction costing 25,400 pounds

Water is supplied from the the Upper Coliban Resevoir via a water channel

which drops 1 to 3 feet every mile, approx 60kms south of Bendigo.

Some water is also supplied from lake Eppalock -25kms East

Silt which can clog the channel is cleaned out at these sluice gates and diverted away from the resevoir.

The resevoir now has walking tracks around its circumference and is an ideal spot to relax, swim, paddle a canoe or just enjoy the serenity.

Ref: http://www.bendigo.vic.gov.au/Leisure_and_Entertainment/Parks_Gardens_and_Reserves/Crusoe_Reservoir_and_No_7_Park#.U8kCE2eKD3d

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