Dalian art exhibition hall

Dalian art exhibition hall located at Dalian urban district center victory street 35, is the whole city first specialized art exhibition hall which in 1997 established newly. The original construction built in 1902, assumed the Gothic style architectural style. In history, once successively as Belorussia in Dalian area administration bureau, Japanese East China Sea Steamboat Joint-stock mpany and so on. Designs by the German, the Russian invests the construction. The architectural design has used the free style boldly, the asymmetrical design technique, the outward appearance irregular, slender tall and graceful, is Dalian area modern times western-style construction representative works. In 1995 conducts in Japan in the international construction exhibition, this building takes classical representative the work to display at the meeting. Because the original construction damage is serious, Dalian Municipal government appropriated special funds in 1996 according to the prototype reconstruction, and warded off it for the artistic exhibition hall. Mayor Bo Xilai has painted the inscribed text. Already became Dalian to hold the art treasure display, to sell, development cultural exchange event important place and famous landscape.

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Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5730x2865
Taken: 19/09/2007
Uploaded: 19/03/2009
Updated: 01/03/2015


Tags: dalian; chinese
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Liaoning (Liaoning Province) has a long history of the Chinese nation and one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, referred to as "Liao", meaning "Liao River Basin, always peace", the provincial capital of Shenyang City. Liaoning is located in the southern part of Northeast China, is China's northeast economic zone and the Bohai Economic Zone of the important junction, the Northeast is leading off the traffic arteries, but also in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia to the world, the importance of the Eurasia continental bridge connecting Portal and leading-edge areas. The province's land area of 146,900 square kilometers, population 43.15 million (as at the end of 2008), governs two sub-provincial cities (Shenyang, Dalian) and 12 prefecture-level cities.