Deseret Relief Society Hall

"Deseret Relief Society Hall

The Relief Society in Deseret was first organized in September of 1877.  This group of women met in each other's homes until 1878, when they had a large, one-room adobe hall built.  In 1894 the members of the Relief Society decided they should construct a new Relief Society Hall. 

They began raising money for this building by donating and saving what they could.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's General Relief Society Board called for contributions to the building of the new General Relief Society Hall located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Deseret Relief Society sent all of their funds, thus delaying their own building project.

The Deseret Relief Society ladies began again to plan for a hall.  They sold their adobe building, land was donated, funds raised, and labor was volunteered by the men in the LDS Ward.

Construction costs for the building were $743.65 and $21.00 for the outhouse.  Relief Society meetings, socials, dances, and plays were held in the hall from 1906 until 1934, when the new chapel was completed.

The Hall is the oldest remaining LDS church building in the community.  It has served many functions over the years.  After the chapel burned in 1929, this hall was again used for church services.  Public school classes were also held when the A.C. Nelson School burned.  Boy Scouts used the hall for their meedings for several years.  The Deseret Irrigation Company bought this building and used it for meetings and storage.  They deeded the building to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Fanny Powell Cropper Camp, on February 7, 1995.  It is now used for DUP meetings and for the display of pioneer memorabilla. No. 553 Fanny Powell Cropper Camp"    plaque on building.

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