Detroit Institute of Arts, Woodward Avenue Entrance

The Detroit Insitute of Arts was built in the Beaux-Art style in 1927.  For more information go to www.dia.org

The beautiful facade of the Detroit Public Library can be seen directly across Woodward Ave.  Further to the south, the former Macabees Building, now owned by Wayne State University, can be seen.  For years the Macabees was the home of WXYZ-TV, where Soupy Sales originated his Lunch with Soupy Show.

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David Mariotti
Rivera Court from center, Detroit Institute of Arts
David Mariotti
Rivera Court from end, Detroit Institute Of Arts
David Mariotti
Hall outside Fine Arts, Detroit Public Library
David Mariotti
Rivera Court, under balcony, Detroit Institute of Arts
David Mariotti
Detroit Public Library Grounds
David Mariotti
Detroit Public Library Grounds in Springtime
David Mariotti
Adam Strom Hall at the DPL
David Mariotti
The E. Azalia Hackley Collection at the DPL
David Mariotti
Detroit Historical Museum, Streets of Old Detroit, Kresge & Wilson's
David Mariotti
Detroit Historical Museum, Streets of Old Detroit, Drug Store
David Mariotti
Detroit Historical Museum, America's Motor City
David Mariotti
Detroit Historical Museum, Allesee Gallery
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Vertical Lift Bridge
David Mariotti
1960 Cadillac
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Mark Twain Grave, Clemens Headstone
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Masonic Temple, Chapel
David Mariotti
Air Force Museum, B-17 Bomber, Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY
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Bugatti Royale, Henry Ford Museum
David Mariotti
Bestor Plaza 1967-2010 Merge
David Mariotti
Motorcycle Night
David Mariotti
James Garfield Monument, Main Floor
David Mariotti
Masonic Temple Theater, Balcony View
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Jamestown Jammers' Game
David Mariotti
Yerkes Observatory, Staircase
David Mariotti
Air Force Museum, B-24
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