Devil's Finger

From its summit Stone Rock Pillars a wide panorama of the valley. Usva, most of which is an endless sea of ​​green taiga. Especially beautiful view - in the direction of the river, which at its best presents powerful rock cliff cliffs, crowned in apical part of columnar outcrops that in the past was the reason for the name of the coastal stone. But look at the many-not delayed rocky plumb. It is like a magnet attracts the beautiful thunderbolt high with four stories, rising between the river bed and a stone wall of the coastal cliff. So that he appeared in all its glory, you need to come up to him. Primarily affect its structure and size, and then how it is held in such a thin "leg." At the top of the finger is not available for most of the travelers, almost constantly waving flag setting climbers and mountain tourists during training.


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Tags: ural; river usva; usvinskie rock pillars; nature
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    Евгений Орлов
    Usvinskie Rock Pillars 2
    Евгений Орлов
    Усьва. Смелая Люся.
    Евгений Орлов
    Usvinskie Rock Pillars 1
    Евгений Орлов
    Usva. Devil's Finger. Winter.
    Евгений Орлов
    Usva. View from the Stone Pillars.
    Евгений Орлов
    Usva. Stone Pillars. On the balcony.
    Chebaldin Vladimir
    Usva river. Devil's Finger. Spring.
    Евгений Орлов
    Panorama tmp 1955
    Евгений Орлов
    Usva. Stone Navisliy.
    Евгений Орлов
    Northern Urals. Usva village. View of the old bridge.
    Евгений Орлов
    Northern Urals. Usva village. Suspension Bridge.(1)
    Евгений Орлов
    Northern Urals. Usva village. Suspension Bridge.(2)
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    Montenegro 2014. Perast. Crkva Sv. Ivana Krstitelja.
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