Dolmen de Lacara

They dolmen of Lácara is one of greatest and of more beauty than you can visit in Extremadura. One conserves in addition in some acceptable conditions and allows to appreciate perfectly as it were this construction does thousands of years.


Copyright: Lorenzo vallés vila
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 30000x15000
Uploaded: 19/01/2010
Updated: 30/09/2014


Tags: dolmen; lacara; paleolitico; aljucen; la nava de santiago; megalitico; camara mortuoria; extremadura; patrimonio; cordobilla de lacara; spain; badajoz
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Extremadura (Estremaura in Extremadura and the fala). It is a Spanish autonomous community located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is composed of the two largest provinces in Spain: Cáceres yBadajoz. Extremadura bounded on the north by the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila (Castilla y León), south conHuelva, Sevilla and Cordoba (Andalusia), on the east, with Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) and west conPortugal. Its capital is Mérida (Augusta Emerita old), the city recognized by the Statute of Autonomy as the seat of the Government of Extremadura.