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Domplatz Regensburg
Copyright: Thomas Rieger
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 05/11/2009
Updated: 11/09/2014


Tags: church; place; old; town
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T. Emrich
The Dom St. Peter
T. Emrich
Cathedral St. Peter
Sven Dohmeyer
Dom St. Peter, Regensburg
Regensburg - Dom St. Peter
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - Südturm
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - Westseite
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - auf der Brücke
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - Glockenturm
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - Nordturm Aufzug
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - Nordseite
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Dom St. Peter - Im Eselsturm
Martin Hertel
Hongkong - Lippo Center
Clay Morehead
The Inconvenience Mall
Özgür Örsoğlu
Sinop Cezaevi Disiplin Hücreleri Girişi
9.11 No nuke demo in Shinjuku
Zoran Strajin
Funicular Station - Haifa
yunzen liu
The scenery of Sichuan Daocheng Yading 8——LuoRong cattle farm
Adelino Chapa
Frigate D. FernandoII e Glória
Vil Muhametshin
Baroque immersion at the Rundale palace, Latvia
luis davilla
s.joan de boi. vall de boi. lleida. spain
Kamil Kurowski
Palace of Culture and Science, 30 floor - west view
Martin Hertel
Times Square - Hongkong
Dan Bailey
Terry's Book Nook with Francesca
Thomas Rieger
Teehaus Bachfischer
Thomas Rieger
Erfurt Dom
Thomas Rieger
Residenz Würzburg Nacht
Thomas Rieger
Domplatz Regensburg
Thomas Rieger
Pano Cube Equi 360geo
Thomas Rieger
Goliathstraße Regensburg
Thomas Rieger
Kunstwerk Dani Karajan am Neupfarrplatz
Thomas Rieger
Neupfarrplatz Regensburg Nacht
Thomas Rieger
St. Andreas Regensburg Steinweg
Thomas Rieger
Erfurt Domplatz
Thomas Rieger
Kohlenmarkt Regensburg
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The “Free State of Bavaria” is renowned for being culturally unique and for the emphasis which it places on preserving its heritage and traditions. It is also extraordinarily beautiful, boasting a plethora of castles, palaces, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries not to mention spectacular scenery. Bavaria is more than Alps, men in “lederhosen” (leather pants), women in “dirndl” (traditional dresses) and frothy glasses of beer by the “maβ” (liter).