Dong Van market is no longer exist

I was late. The Dong Van famous market, which was built in 1920 has ceased to exit as a live market. They moved the market to a new area which away 1 km. They said that Dong Van market will be retained for conservation. That is bad decision.

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    Comi Valentine
    The old market in Dong Van, Ha Giang (Chợ Đồng Văn cũ)
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    Breakfast at Dong Van market fair, Ha Giang (Ăn sáng ở chợ phiên Đồng Văn)
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    Tool Selling At Dong Van Market Fair, Ha Giang Vietnam (Chợ phiên Đồng Văn)
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    Wine trading area at Dong Van fair market, Ha Giang Vietnam (Đi chợ nếm rượu ngon chợ Đồng Văn)
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    Clothes trading area in Dong Van market, Ha Giang (Sạp vải vóc, áo váy ở chợ Đồng Văn)
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    Scent sticks selling area in Dong Van market, Ha Giang (Bán hương trầm ở chợ phiên Đồng Văn)
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    A morning at t-junction Lung Cu - Dong Van, Ha Giang
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