Drive Through Ulassai

On my way North I passed the village on purpose after having seen so many pictures, but the day after, being night blind, I was in such a hurry to reach home before dark that nothing was left than a drive through Ulassai. Some other day maybe to visit the 800 m long cave Su Marmuri, part of the Karst system, nourishing  the many springs in the village and the famous falls of Lequarci, providing the precious water responsible for the flourishing of the village as a center of agriculture. On it went down the steep hairpin road to the village of Jerzu and back as it was blocked by a carnival procession. A deviation near Ulassai should have brought me on track again but I wound-up on a deserted high plateau, accompanied by 50 lonely wind mills of the Sardeolica park, passing the only village of Perdasdefogu (lost in fire). Never I drove so fast and still got lost in the dark outskirts of Cagliari, on my way home leaving a gloomy wilderness behind.

Copyright: Hans zijlstra
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Tags: ulassai; limestone cliffs; village; sardinia
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