Garden's palace (Palazzo del giardino)

The ducal garden's palace (palazzo del giardino ducale) is located in the ducal park in Parma. It was erected in 1561 and restyled in the XVIII century by the architect Petitot. Nowadays is the headquarter of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

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Tags: park; nature; architecture; palace; tree; ducal; garden; petitot
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More About Parma

The visit of the city of Parma begins from the view of Piazza Duomo characterized by three buildings: the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Bishop’s Palace. The atmosphere of the marvelous square is the original medieval one.The Cathedral is one of the highest expression of Romanesque architecture in Italy with a Latin cross plan and a beautiful façade with a pitched roof. Inside the church we can find some masterpieces like the fresco by Correggio in the Dome showing the Assumption of the Virgin and like the Deposition of Benedetto Antelami. The Baptistery, considered the transition between Romanesque to Gothic architecture, is due to the Antelami: the plan of the building is octagonal and the façade in pink verona marble.Near the Cathedral we find the Monastery of St. John’s characterized by the Church, the Convent and the Ancient Benedectine Apothecary’s. The church has a Latin cross plan with three naves and six chapels. In the central nave we have the frieze designed by Correggio who also frescoed the dome with the Transit of St. John. The convent has two fascinating cloisters.In the center of the town we have also the Church of Madonna della Steccata, a splendid Renaissance church. Near the the Steccata we have the neoclassical Teatro Regio one of the most renowned theatres in Italy.The visit of Parma continues in the Ducal Park, an example of a french style garden, which houses the Ducal Palace; then we can see the Town Hall and the Governor’s Palace in the central Piazza Garibaldi, the House of Music and the Auditorium Paganini designed by the famous italian architect Renzo Piano. View the Virtual Tour of Parma on my site.