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Duomo di Voghera

Voghera is a town of Lombardy, Italy, in the province of Pavia. It is located 30 km south-southwest of that city, on the Staffora,a tributary of the river Po.

The neighbourhood produces much silk, in which, as well as in corn and wine, an active trade is carried on.
Known in ancient times as Iria, it took its name from the river on which it was situated. It was on the road from Piacenza to Dertona, and was made a colony by Augustus (colonia Forum Iulium Iriensium). In the 1st century CE it was destroyed by the Rugi, and it is next mentioned as Viqueria in the 10th century. After several lordships, it was acquired by the House of Savoy in 1743 with the Concordat of Worms. Five years later it became provincial capital and received the city status.
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More About Pavia

Pavia is the capital of a fertile province known for agricultural products including wine, rice, cereals, and dairy products. Some industries located in the suburbs do not disturb the peaceful atmosphere which comes from the preservation of the city's past and the climate of study and meditation associated with its ancient University. The University of Pavia, together with the IUSS (Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia), the Ghislieri College, the Borromeo College, the Nuovo College, the Santa Caterina College and the EDiSU, belongs to the Pavia Study System. Furthermore, Pavia is the see city of the Roman Catholic diocese of Pavia. (more on Wikipedia)