Dvigrad - castle remains

Dvigrad - the remains of a mediaeval castle.

The remains of castle are located  in the "Limska Draga" a few kilometers of Kanfanar.

Copyright: Branko glavic
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Uploaded: 10/05/2012
Updated: 10/10/2014


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T. Emrich
The beach at Limski Fjord
T. Emrich
Limski Fjord
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Svetvincenat Wishing Well
T. Emrich
Pig Barbecue at 'I Klitu' Restaurant
T. Emrich
Restaurant I Klitu Terasse
T. Emrich
Restaurant I Klitu
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Pirate cave at Limski canal
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Camping Vestar - Footbridge at the sea
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Seattle Central Library “Living Room” space, Seattle WA
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Mirante Dona Marta - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - 28/05/2012
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Rocher Du Lorzier Chartreuse
Branko Glavic
Dvigrad - castle remains
Branko Glavic
Abyss Pazinska jama
Branko Glavic
Within the abyss Pazinska jama
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Waterfall Zarecki krov
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