Ebenezer Mission

Ebenezer Mission Station on the banks of the Wimmera River in Antwerp 20 kilometres south of Lake Hindmarsh in north-west Victoria was established 1859 by the Moravian Church. The Herrnhuter Brothers are a protestant religious community originating in Moravia, an area in the east of the Czech Republic.

The mission was established to 'civilise and christianise' aborigines who lived in the area thousands of years before European settlement. A school was one of the first things that was opened by the missionaries but education was a 2-way process because missionaries learned the local Aboriginal language to teach Aboriginals about christianity.

The mission was closed in 1904 after the last missionary died in 1903 and because there were not many full-blooded Aborigines left in Victoria. The number of Aborigines in the station was dramatically reduced when an act of parliament in 1886 ordered all mixed blooded Aborigines under the age of 34 to vacate missionary stations.

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