Elephteria sight place

There are many legends that are associated with Sokobanja. One of the most interesting is that of a nearby clearing, and the popular resort Lepterija.

Lepterija with Sokograd

According to tradition, President, son of the owner of a nearby Vrmdžanskog, Lepteriju fell in love with the daughter of the then ruler Sokograd. As Lepterijin Županov and father constantly fought for possession, did not support their relationship. Lepterija decide one night to escape. It was her father so angry that he ordered his servants to destroy when found. When the posse arrived fugitives Lepteriju executed, and the Prefect of the deepest sorrow jumped vir Moravice. Even today, the famous picnic in a clearing near Sokobanja Lepterija called a vortex (now the beach) - Zupan. Second, some say more likely, the legend says that the name comes from the Greek Lepterija word freedom. Namely, Sokograd arose on the ruins of a Roman fortress, and then among the most slaves were Greeks, who called a nearby glade - Slobodiste.

S LEPTERIJA the wooden bridge over Moravice, there is a path that leads to the natural phenomenon known as the Madonna in the rock. However, it is better seen little izdalje clearly visible from where the silhouettes of the Mother of God with her wedding. Indentation in the rock has the shape of a mother with child, and according to tradition in that the rock is hid with Christ and the Virgin in her arms, fled before the Romans. Everyone in front of a rock to light the candles, will do him any good in this world.

From the rock that reflects one of the pillars of Christianity symbols related story, to a certain holiday (Good Friday) there occurs water from a stone that is healing for the eyes. Every year on Good Friday, flowing water that does not appear during the year.

Walk to LEPTERIJA through the stunning views with abundant greenery. On this road is a restaurant "Cave" located under rocks on the riverbank. An ideal place for a picnic or a vacation with coffee during the walks.

At the resort, which has also a part of the river with a few tables and benches, and places where you can make barbecue and other specialties. The LEPTERIJA there are two sources (hot and cold water), as well as places for swimming and sunbathing.

Source: Lepterija, Sokobanja

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