Ellinger Schloss
Copyright: Reiner pössnicker
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Uploaded: 20/02/2010
Updated: 25/02/2012


Tags: castle; outdoors; winter
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Günther Roth
Garden Fair in Ellingen
Stefan Huber
Residenz Ellingen
Weissenburg in Bayern Ellinger Tor - Weissenburg in Bayern Ellinger Gate
Jakub Hruška
Reconstructed gate of Castrum Biriciana
Weissenburg in Bayern - In der Rosenstraße
Weissenburg in Bayern - Altes Rathaus
Reiner Pössnicker
Marktplatz Weissenburg
Weissenburg in Bayern - Neues Rathaus
Weissenburg in Bayern - Bahnhofstrasse u. Frauentorstrasse
Weissenburg in Bayern - Am Saumarkt
Weissenburg in Bayern - Am Kirchhof
Reiner Pössnicker
Seeweiher Stadtmauer Weissenburg
Bill Edwards
B-17 Flying Fortress ‘Nine-O-Nine’, Historic Flight Foundation, Mukilteo, WA
Ice cave under Svartisen glacier
Daniel Christaldi
Barber near the Empire Theatre
Judith Richey
Insidebarn1 Panoramab Equi
Arnaud Chapin
Free Fly Skydiving in Péronne
Jeffrey Martin
Aerial 360 of Charles Bridge at Sunrise G0056070
Rami Saarikorpi
Fine Dining restaurant Kielo
Carsten Arenz
Zadar - The Greetings to the Sun at Night
Chandelier in Lisboa Hotel [Macau, China]
Wolfgang Stich
Alexandre Militão
Igrejinha de Saquarema
Sebastian Bauer
Deriner Hydropower Plant Energy Tunnel Manifold 1 on 20 December 2011
Reiner Pössnicker
Katharinenkapelle bei Hechlingen 2
Reiner Pössnicker
Reiner Pössnicker
Sternschanze bei Dettenheim
Reiner Pössnicker
Steinerne Rinne Bei Wolfsbronn
Reiner Pössnicker
Brauerei Rohrach Bach Wettelsheim
Reiner Pössnicker
Tegelberg Bergstation
Reiner Pössnicker
Kirche St. Michael
Reiner Pössnicker
Burg Ruine Eisenberg 2
Reiner Pössnicker
Buchberg bei Buching
Reiner Pössnicker
Kapelle am Uhlberg
Reiner Pössnicker
Burg Ruine Eisenberg 1
Reiner Pössnicker
Kreuzwirtskeller Hilpoltstein
More About Franconia

Wikipedia: Franconia (German: Franken) is a region of Germany comprising the northern parts of the modern state of Bavaria, a small part of southern Thuringia, and a region in northeastern Baden-Württemberg called Heilbronn-Franken. The Bavarian part is made up of the administrative regions of Lower Franconia (Unterfranken), Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken), and Upper Franconia (Oberfranken).Franconia (like France) is named after the Germanic tribe of the Franks. This tribe played a major role after the breakdown of the Roman Empire and colonised large parts of medieval Europe.Modern day Franconia comprises only a very tiny and rather remote part of the settlement area of the ancient Franks. In German, Franken is used for both modern day Franconians and the historic Franks, which leads to some confusion. The historic Frankish Empire, Francia, is actually the common precursor of the Low Countries, France and Germany. In 843 the Treaty of Verdun led to the partition of Francia into West Francia (modern day France), Middle Francia (from the Low Countries along the Rhine valley to northern Italy) and East Francia (modern day Germany). Frankreich, the German word for "France", and Frankrijk, the Dutch word for "France"; literally mean "the Frankish Empire".