Enjoying the Sun and the View

This is the last false peak before Mount Magnificent. I was trying to hurry and get to Magnificent before the clouds would rise and sock me in. It was almost a year ago since I took the pano from the top of Magnificent in the clouds and I was hoping to get up there and get a view without too many clouds.

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Scott Harper
Below the last false peak before Magnificent
Scott Harper
Clouds Breaking Up from Mount Magnificent
Scott Harper
Mount Magnificent in the Clouds
Scott Harper
Between Tucker and the false peak before Magnificent
Scott Harper
Tucker Mountain
Scott Harper
Between Mile High Saddle and Tucker Mountain
Scott Harper
Along the Ridge Above the Clouds
Scott Harper
Rising Above the Clouds
Scott Harper
Behind the Blacktail Rocks
Scott Harper
Above and to the east of Mile High Saddle
Marc Sans
collégiale st andré: L'homme nouveau
Studio Mambeau - Martijn Baudoin
Dutch Windmill level 2
John Roberts
Above the Inversion, Red Butte, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Littleplanet.nl - Roelof de Vries
Obviously, my job is boring...
Bernd Kronmueller
Tyrannosaurus rex in Oxford, Museum of Natural History
Richard Chesher
Kaori River Tree
Yasushi Kishimoto
Dsc07472l Panorama
mantas talmantas
things waiting for a move
Uwe Buecher
Tazacorte - Banana Plantation
Markus Kaeppeli
Switzerland Zug Sunset
Scott Harper
Mile Hi Peak
Scott Harper
Pre-Dawn South of Vista Peak
Scott Harper
Out on the ice on Eklutna Lake
Scott Harper
Above Hope Alaska
Scott Harper
Hope Mountain Trail
Scott Harper
Inside the West Rib Pub in Talkeetna, Alaska
Scott Harper
2013 Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures 01
Scott Harper
Kodiak Alaska Dock 1
Scott Harper
2013 Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures 10
Scott Harper
Boardwalk Over Swamp On Wrights Bluff Nature Trail
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