Etzelsbach | Eichsfeld - Kapelle

Not far from the village stone brook, situated in a valley, there is the pilgrimage chapel brook Etzels. The name of the chapel is to be brought with certainty with the brook behind the chapel, the brook Etzels, in connection. The place brook Etzels should have been destroyed in the course of the 15th century for unknown reasons. After a legend a farmer has found the mercy picture (Pieta in front on the right) (picture in the chancel on the right) with the ploughing. In a letter of 1697 one says that the pilgrimages are revived after the 30-year-old war. We must close of the fact that before this war already pilgrimages have taken place. In 1801 one says in the chronicle, the new pilgrimage chapel (picture about the gate has been finished on the bottom left); in this connection a portable altar with the annual figures 1602 is mentioned as intact. The current chapel was built because old was too small in the years 1897 - in 1898 under priest Hesse and the architect Cordier from saint's town. It is consecrated to the mother taken up in the sky of God, therefore, the middle window with the admission Mariens in the sky. Both reliefs with the holy mother Anna ("Anna Selbtritt") left side - put "the promise of the Messiah" to Is. 7, 14 and "Opfer Abrahmans". In the round windows 14 helpers in need are illustrated. Möger the place of pilgrimage and the chapel to you, the quiet visitors and Betern, but also to many which come to the pilgrimages still long are preserved and become the blessing. Spring http://pfarramt-steinbach.de

The helige father pope Benedikt of XVI will visit this chapel on the 23rd of September and hold there a service. The Maria's niche vespers with pope Benedikt XVI takes place in the pilgrimage chapel brook Etzels in the field Eichs on the Friday, 23rd of September, 2011, 17.45 o'clock

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