Feldberg - Seebuck Summit - Black Forest - Baden-Wuerttemberg - Germany

Summit of the Seebuck (1448 m altitude) with the Bismarck Monument and the Mountain Staiton of the Feldberg Chairlift (in Winter a Chairlift in Summer a Gondola Ropeway), Black Forest, Germany.

View to the Feldberg Tower in the South located not at the Feldberg but at the side of the Seebuck. Next to the right of the Tower the Top of the Belchen (1414 m altitude) is visible in the distance.

To the West in 1.7 km distance the real Summit of the Feldberg can be seen.

The Seebuck hillside to the East is the place where the Skiing season starts with beginnig of December and is ending in the middle of April.

In the far distance the Range of the Alps is visible at the horizon.

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