Pochozersky temple complex XVIII - XIX centuries. Filippovskaya village

Pochozersky temple complex XVIII - XIX centuries. Filippovskaya village. On a hill ensemble - the "troika" consisting of two churches and a bell tower - one of the five remaining in the Russian North and one of three in the Arkhangelsk region - as if gathering around the lake and along the sides of the road scattered villages. 


The Kenozero National Park is a prototype ecosystem that preserves the history and culture of the Russian North. Well preserved natural complexes, numerous monuments of material and intellectual culture, architecture, monumental painting, icon painting, archaeology, and rich ethnographical material are good illustrations of its purpose. In 2004, the park joined the World network of biosphere protected areas and was officially announced as a world heritage site. The park covers an area of 1396 sq km in the southern part of the Arkhangelsk region close to the Karelian border.


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Почозерский храмовый комплекс XVIII – XIX вв. в деревне Филипповская
Churbanov Yakov
Pochozersky temple complex XVIII - XIX centuries. Filippovskaya village 2A
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Glazovo village, Chapel
Nikolay Chudotvortsa's chapel. Kenozersky national park. Arkhangelsk region. Vershinino village
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Village Vershinino. Chapel of St. Nicholas. Kenozersky National Park. Nigth.
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Chapel of St Nicholas in the village Vershinino, kenozero national park
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Причал в деревне Вершинино ,Кенозерский национальный парк
Kenozersky national park. Arkhaneglsk region. Vershinino village
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Tourist camp. Kenozersky Nacional Park. Arkhangelsk Region. Russia.
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Medvezhy Island, Near village Vershinono, The Kenozersky National Park, Near village Vershinono, the Plesetsk District, the Arkhangelsk Region,Russian North
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The Kenozersky National Park, The village of Tyryshkino (Tirishkino ), the Plesetsk District, the Arkhangelsk Region,Russian North
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Zehnovo (Zehnova) village, Chapel
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Архангельский государственный музей деревянного зодчества и народного искусства «Малые Корелы», ЦЕРКОВЬ ВО ИМЯ СВЯТОГО ГЕОРГИЯ, 1672 ГОД
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Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Sertolovo
Churbanov Yakov
Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge
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Соловецкий монастырь, остров Анзер, Голгофо-Распятский скит (на горе Голгофе высотой 63,8 м).
Churbanov Yakov
Gagry, Raida
Churbanov Yakov
camp on the river, Mezen club pomorych, spherical panorama, Pomorian, circumnavigation, 2013
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Cave "Molodyozhnaya", Near Pinega river
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"Malye Korely",Museum. Wooden Architecture and Folk Art Museum , Pinega Sector. Arkhangelsk. Музей "Малые Корелы"
Churbanov Yakov
Churbanov Yakov
view of "LDM" (The Leningrad palace of youth) and Car showroom "Autoimperia"
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Pomorskaya krugosvetka 2013 day 1
Churbanov Yakov
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