Flatowturm Park Babelsberg
Copyright: André Stiebitz
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Updated: 26/10/2014


Tags: potsdam; babelsberg; flatowturm; winter
  • Lars Gabrysch 4 days ago
    schon genial solche Aufnahmen mit einem Hochstativ
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    Volker Uhl
    Flatowturm Potsam
    Lars Gabrysch
    Am Flatowturm-Park Babelsberg-Potsdam-Brandenburg-Germany-Europe
    Lars Gabrysch
    Flatowturm - Park Babelsberg - Potsdam - Brandenburg - Germany - Europe
    Lars Gabrysch
    Park Babelsberg-Potsdam-Brandenburg-Germany-Europe
    Volker Uhl
    Park Babelsberg Flatowturm
    Volker Uhl
    Park Babelsberg
    Lars Gabrysch
    Matrosenhaus - Park Babelsberg - Potsdam - Germany - Europe
    Lars Gabrysch
    Before Gerichtslaube - Babelsberg - Potsdam - Brandenburg - Germany
    Lars Gabrysch
    Before Gerichtslaube Babelsberg Potsdam Germany
    Lars Gabrysch
    Gerichtslaube Babelsberg Potsdam Germany
    Volker Uhl
    Gerichtslaube Park Babelsberg
    Volker Uhl
    Marstall Park Babelsberg
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    Schloss Sans Souci Potsdam
    André Stiebitz
    Karli Hochstativ Panorama
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    Orangerie Treppenbrunnen park Sanssouci Potsdam
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    Sunset Skyline Potsdam Babelsberg
    André Stiebitz
    Strassen Ecke Brandenburger-Dortu Potsdam
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    park sanssouci potsdam
    André Stiebitz
    André Stiebitz
    Glienicker Brücke
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    Karli Eckfahne
    André Stiebitz
    Neuer Markt Potsdam
    André Stiebitz
    Schloss Babelsberg
    André Stiebitz
    Orangerie park Sanssouci Potsdam
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    Created on a hill called Babelsberg along the banks of the Havel River, the 124 hectare, landscaped park was commissioned by Prince William and his wife Augusta.It was originally laid out by Peter Joseph Lenné in 1833 and was redesigned by Prince von Pückler-Muskau in 1842-67. Terraces with mosaics, ornamental flowerbeds, sculpture and fountains are grouped around the Babelsberg Palace. The terraces are connected to a pleasure ground with the Golden Rose Garden, to a round flowerbed at the Gothic Fountain, and to flower arrangements enclosed by colorful clay bricks. Walking paths offer scenic views of the Havel lakes and the Potsdam city skyline, which led to the construction of the Flatow Tower from 1853-56. The park has been protected by historic preservation since the 1960s. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the area along the water to the north was restored and integrated into the park.