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A landmark on a foggy mountain path

From a day in the mountains one usually expects sunny weather and a great view in all directions. However, this foggy autumn day turned out to be a great weather for hiking. After a 1 hour train ride from Munich we started at the train station of Lenggries at a height of about 680 m / 2,230 ft and a small path through the forest lead us to this distinctive rock formation. The painted marking on the rock is the usual sign to give hikers an idea about the right direction.

At this point it doesn't take long to reach a group of three peaks called Ochsenkamp, Auerkamp and Spitzkamp with heights of about 1,600 m / 5,250 ft. The nearby Seekarkreuz mountain is an even better known destination. From here it's not far to the Lenggrieser Hütte, an alpine hut of the German Alpine Club.

Instead of returning to the starting point of the tour hikers can descend to the Tegernsee valley and take the next bus or even ship to get to a nearby train station with trains heading back to Munich.

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