Ford Speedster 1914 and Romi-Isetta 1958

A Ford Speedster 1914 and a Romi-Isetta (a Brazilian prodution of Bmw Isetta) displayed in Vintage Car Exposition at Goodwill Fair at Mello Moraes Expo Park in Bauru City. The yellow and black car is a Simca Chambord of 60's Brazilian TV Show "Vigilante Rodoviário" with the actor Carlos Miranda, who became a actually road police after the ends of the show.

Copyright: Rubens Cardia
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7170x3585
Taken: 18/09/2011
Uploaded: 21/09/2011
Updated: 26/08/2014


Tags: ford; speedster; romi; isetta; bmw; parque; exposição; carro; carros; antigos; antigomobilismo; oldstyle; vintage; car; cars; exposition; park
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