Tianshui Fuxi Temple伏羲庙后院(265)
Gansu Province




      Tianshui Fuxi Temple located in Tianshui Gansu Province, commonly known as human ancestor temple, built in the Ming Koji three years (1490), later after repairs, is the first largest Fuxi Temple. Fuxi, three Emperor first, and Chinese ancestor, teach peoples Knotted netting, fishing and hunting animal husbandry, creating eight diagrams, legends also create ancient writing, ancient musical instruments. Fuxi Emperor hometown in Tianshui city, the lunar calendar Jan. 16 of Fuxi Emperor’s birthday, sacred place of Fuxi temple is Fuxi emperor prayer.

      (Fuxi Temple here’s backyard)

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More About Gansu Province

Old is Yongzhou Gansu provincial capital Lanzhou. Located in the upper Yellow River, located in the geographical center of China, between latitude 32 ° 31 '~ 42 ° 57', longitude 92 ° 13 '~ 108 ° 46' between. It is the east, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Sichuan controlled South, West Hill Xinjiang, brief Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, is the ancient Silk Road of the key sections of land and gold, and with the Mongolian border, it was like a magnificent gem, set in central China the Loess Plateau, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia plateau, something more than 1,600 kilometers meandering, aspect 453,700 square kilometers, accounting for 4.72% of the total area. Population 26 million (968 million in 1949), Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolian, Kazak, Tu, Salar, Manchu and other ethnic groups. Among them, the Dongxiang, Yugur, Bonan is a minority of Gansu.