Sky full of star trails

For quite a while I have wanted to take a spherical panorama timelapse. This night shot completes one of the major objectives to achieving this challenging goal. This image represents a timelapse consisting of 41 stitched panoramas. Every panorama is made up of 6 images, each 15 seconds long. I only shot the upper hemisphere to cut down on time since the ground was underexposed anyway. The individual hemispheres took 2 minutes and 8 seconds to shoot. 

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Copyright: Aaron Priest
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10600x5300
Taken: 30/04/2013
Uploaded: 02/05/2013
Updated: 03/05/2013


Tags: astrophotography; lee; maine; night; panorama; sky; spherical; star trails; timelapse
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Aaron Priest
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Aaron Priest
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World's first stitched panorama of zoomed star trails!
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