Göppingen city center
Goeppingen, Germany

City of The city consists of a central district and 7 surrounding districts - Bartenbach, Bezgenriet, Faurndau, Hohenstaufen, Holzheim, Jebenhausen and Maitis. Filstal in Göppingen is at least from the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic) visited by hunters and collectors. From the Neolithic period are some findings that suggest a settlement. Also from other prehistoric periods can demonstrate findings: from the Bronze Age urn and the findings of the river Fils. Since the beginning of the Iron Age Hallstatt period (800-480 BC) settlement follows the northeast of the city. The top of the timber, the forest area in the northern part of town is about 30 graves hill. From the La Tene period, Iron Age, in turn, is a body of water from the Fund Fils. Probably on Wednesday 2 Centuries place Oberhof Roman Church built farmhouse Fils Valley shortly after the fort at Eislingen ensure a limit. A century later, during the Merovingian period, deals with the Alemanni before the post Fils valley inhabited. Period frühalamannische but have only individual to find a brooch and some fragments in younger graves. Merovingian several cemeteries, including one with population centers in Oberhofen Niederhofen (come Christophsbad brings) together. The ends of these local names to indicate this INGEN-Alemannic settlement and naming the founder and namesake of Göppingen was perhaps Alamannic "prince" named Gepp


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