Galleria Comunale Arte di Cagliari

The Municipal Art Gallery of Cagliari is located inside the Public Gardens. The building, originally from the eighteenth century, was the first royal seat of the powder, then was occupied by barracks and warehouses, and finally, in 1933, was intended to house the Municipal Art Gallery. The old nineteenth-century building is preserved up to now only the neoclassical facade.

Copyright: Ivan Sgualdini
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Updated: 07/08/2014


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Ivan Sgualdini
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Cagliari St. Pancrazio Tower
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Porta di San Pancrazio
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Porta Cristina
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Torre di San Pancrazio
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St. Pancrazio Tower
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Sarchittu (Oristano)
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Cagliari Piazza Carlo Alberto
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Parco Della Musica - Cagliari
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Ivan Sgualdini
Path to Sarchittu (Oristano)
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Lu Litarroni reef
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