Dunhuang Chinese Great Wall
Gansu Province

Grand, the grand Great Wall was China ancient times a working people's great creation. When Western Han Dynasty, the area south of Yellow River dynasty for the foreign protection Hsiungnu harassment, strengthens the frontier fortress construction, the internal stable common people live, the consolidated centralization, strengthens with Central Asia, the West Asia various countries trade and the friendly intercourse, (now Yongdeng) starts by Lianju, after places such as Gansu Corridor Changyeh, Ejin qi, Chinta, Jiayuguan, Yumen, Anxi, had the Great Wall to Dunhuang Xihu's horse-racing fan construction. And “the pavilion” (feng subterranean), “will bond” (big castle and beacon tower) repairs to the salina (now Lop Nor) the Loulan native country. This is the Chinese Great Wall. Dunhuang domestic northmost part extant besides alkali pillar to horse-racing fan earth Chinese Great Wall skeleton line, but also has Yumenguan to Yangguan, Yangguan to the party river mouth, the horse-racing fan earth to bend the waist pillar's Chinese Great Wall branch. Along with more than 2000 year years' passing with the wind and rain wind-drift sand's destruction, the part Great Wall raze, the Great Wall preserves mostly. And west Yumenguan the party valley subterranean area Great Wall preserves well, the ground width 3 meters, the remnant height 3 meters, go against the width 1 meter, is our country present Han Dynasty Great Wall retains the most complete - section.

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More About Gansu Province

Old is Yongzhou Gansu provincial capital Lanzhou. Located in the upper Yellow River, located in the geographical center of China, between latitude 32 ° 31 '~ 42 ° 57', longitude 92 ° 13 '~ 108 ° 46' between. It is the east, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Sichuan controlled South, West Hill Xinjiang, brief Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, is the ancient Silk Road of the key sections of land and gold, and with the Mongolian border, it was like a magnificent gem, set in central China the Loess Plateau, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia plateau, something more than 1,600 kilometers meandering, aspect 453,700 square kilometers, accounting for 4.72% of the total area. Population 26 million (968 million in 1949), Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolian, Kazak, Tu, Salar, Manchu and other ethnic groups. Among them, the Dongxiang, Yugur, Bonan is a minority of Gansu.