Germany Lake Baldeney
Copyright: Marcus Stark
Type: Cylindrical
Resolution: 7500x3000
Uploaded: 15/09/2012
Updated: 17/09/2012


Tags: essen werden; germany essen; lake baldeney; baldeneysee; ragattaturm; promenade; see; lake
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Stephan B
Essen Baldeneysee Hügel Krupp
Thomas Spanner
Essen Villa Huegel5
Thomas Spanner
Essen Villa Huegel 4
Thomas Spanner
Essen Villa Huegel2
Thomas Spanner
Essen Villa Huegel3
Thomas Spanner
Essen Villa Huegel1
Stauwehr Essen-Werden
Alte schleuse neukirchen
Alte schleuse neukirchen 1
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Folkwang University
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in front of UNIQLO, Shinsaibashi street
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Lido Venedig
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Dodge Dart 1964 Bolsa Chica Beach California
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Der Sesriem Canyon führt nur selten so viel Wasser wie im März 2009
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George Washington Masonic Memorial Interior
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Park Jamshidieh Lake
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Red Phone Booth
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Pier Remains, Horseshoe Cove, Sandy Hook, New Jersey
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The Racetrack
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Above Bigfork Bay, Montana in the summer
Marcus Stark
Germany - Essen - Margarethenhoehe
Marcus Stark
Germany Helgoland
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Germany - Stade- Old Harbour
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Germany - Hamburg - Landungsbrücken
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Germany - Hamburg
Marcus Stark
Germany Lake Baldeney
Marcus Stark
Germany - Kettwig -Ruhr
Marcus Stark
Germany Helgoland 2
More About Essen

Located along the river Ruhr, Essen was traditionally a significant coal and steel center, one of the largest in Germany. Essen has modernized, hosting a number of large German corporations and boasting a vibrant cultural offering at a number of venues, particularly the Aalto Theater, which is an architectural masterpiece and home to ballet and opera. Essen is also regarded to be a “city of shopping”, particularly since the opening of the Metropolis shopping mall.