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Gorky square. New Year Day tree.
Copyright: Anton fomchenko
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 01/01/2012
Updated: 13/02/2012


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Alex Bay
Place of M. Gorky
Anton Fomchenko
Gorky Square. Winter illumination.
Anton Tsarkov
Pokrovka Street - Puppet Theatre
Dawid Gorny
Nizhny Novgorod Center
Anton Tsarkov
Construction On Vorovskogo street - Building
Anton Tsarkov
Construction On Vorovskogo street - Wasteland
Anton Fomchenko
Bolshaya Pokrovskaya str. Art Market.
Andrey Skvortcov
restaurant "Vitalich"
Andrey Skvortcov
Bol. Pokrovskaja st.
Anton Tsarkov
Apocalyptic studies. Part 2
Anton Tsarkov
Take Action
Dawid Gorny
Central Bank in Nizhny Novogrod
Alexey Miroshnikov, GRADES PHOTO
FABRIKA's Birthday Party Cake
Studio Mambeau - Martijn Baudoin
Worstenworkshop bij Werry van Sugar Hill
Jacques de Vos
Koh Tao Cabana Resort
Pavel Antropov
Sergej Esnault
The protestant Gustav Adolf Stave Church - Hahnenklee - Germany
kiyoharu takamura
sakura at night in Mishima-taisha 3
Jan Dunlop
Snorkelling at Moon Reef in Fiji
Marcio Cabral
Olho dagua River
Gary Quigg
Medina Walking Tour #4 - The Medina Experience
Masao Nagata
Shinjyuku Gyoen02
Pietro Madaschi
Aosta Valley - Vallée d'Aoste: Panorama from Bec Carre in Valtournenche
Jerzy Pajor
Flower Shop gigapixel panorama
Anton Fomchenko
Winter in the Sormovsky park. Lake Park.
Anton Fomchenko
Gorodez. Gorod Masteov.
Anton Fomchenko
Gorodez. Lenin str.
Anton Fomchenko
Square near Dom Oficerov. Novoozenoye. Crimea.
Anton Fomchenko
Great Patriotic War exposinon in Nizhny Novgorod kremlin. 57mm AT cannon ZiS-2 and BA64.
Anton Fomchenko
Gorodez. Rublev str.
Anton Fomchenko
11.09.11 Fireworks
Anton Fomchenko
Gorodez. Nowaya street side.
Anton Fomchenko
Winter in the Sormovsky park
Anton Fomchenko
Nizhny Novgorod kremlin. Skoba side.
Anton Fomchenko
Shukhov tower
Anton Fomchenko
Nizhny Novgorod. Kremlin wall.
More About Russia

Just in case you mistakenly heard that it was all ice and snow in Russia, take a peek at the Big Bikini Exposition. This is right on the river Moskva in Moscow!Moscow has been the capital of Russia for almost its entire history. The exception is during the period of the Russian Empire, which lasted from 1721 until the Russian Revolution 1917. For these two centuries the capital was St. Petersburg. The Russian Empire was the second largest contiguous Empire in world memory; only the Mongol Empire had been greater.Check out what's happening north of Mongolia these days, in ChitaAlthough you may not have heard of Sochi, on the Black Sea, they're building up quickly and hope to host the 2014 Olympics.Other periods of Russian history include the Tsardom of Russia, from Ivan IV to Peter the Great, and the Grand Duchy (14th-16th centuries).The earliest period of Russian history was ruled by the Novgorod Republic and Kievan Rus, which was the first Russian state dating back to 800AD in Kiev.Modern Russia remains one of the world's superpowers. They launched the earth's second satellite, called Sputnik 1, and were the first country to put a human being into orbit around earth. (The first one is called the Moon.)After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia became a federal republic of 83 states.Text by Steve Smith.