Grandeur Peak, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

From atop Grandeur Peak, we get a great view of the striking features of the central Wasatch Range all around us.  To the south, the face of Mount Olympus rises from the valley, its many sedimentary layers of rock turned nearly vertically on end and worn by erosion into triangular facets.  Moving to our left, the rocky peaks of Twin Peaks just barely peek over the ridge behind Olympus.  Following the long rocky ridge to the left, we eventually arrive at the pointy cliff-faced Mt. Raymond and the broader two knobbed Gobbler's Knob.  Millcreek Canyon runs west to east, right to left before us.  On our side of Millcreek, the next prominent peak to our left is Mt. Aire.  The Mt. Dell reservoirs are visible next, followed by the ridges of Parley's, Emigration, Red Butte, and City Creek canyons which all descend into the Salt Lake Valley.

Beyond the city to the north and west, we see the expanse of the Great Salt Lake, the Promontory Peninsula shimmering 50 miles to the northwest at the rightmost edge of our view of the lake.  The closest island to us is Antelope Island at 30 miles.  Beyond Antelope, 70 miles west, the Lakeside Mountains are just visible in the haze.  Closer, but still 40 miles out you can see Stansbury Island, an extension of the Stansbury Range to its immediate left.  On the opposite side of the Salt Lake Valley, the Oquirrh Mountains stretch the length of the valley.

And somewhere in the picture is a butterfly.

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More About Utah

Utah is a state located in the westcentral region of the United States of America.  Utah is the 13th largest state by area, ranks 34th by population and 10th by population density of the 50 United States.  Utah was the 45th state to be admitted into the Union, on January 4, 1896. Utah is landlocked, being bordered by the states of Idaho to the north, Wyoming to the northeast, Nevada on the west, Colorado on the east and Arizona to the south.  Utah is very mountainous and is a popular outing destination of the outdoorsman.  The state population is about 2.82M with 95% being Caucasian, 2.4% Asian, 1.7% Native American and 1.3% Black. The state capital and largest city is Salt Lake City.Source: wikipedia