Great Inn KASHIBAYA ( Japanese inn 170 years ago )

The Great Inn"KASHIBAYA" is the representative inn at Okabe shuku station. The present inn was rebuilt in 1836. The fifth owner Ryoukichi managed the inn and a pawnshop then. they seem to be very wealthy family also as an owner of huge areas of field. KASHIBAYA Yamauchi family was one of the most prestigious families in Okabe. It was registered as National Registered Tangible Cultural Property in 1998.

Buildings of KASHIBAYA

The total area is 33 square meters.There were fires twice at Okabe Station and KASHIBAYA was burned doun at each fire.
According to the data "Ruishoumimai-okabe" and "Syoiriyou-no-oboe",it was rebuilt in 1835.

 ( Reprint it than a pamphlet of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA". )"

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bibouroku tabito
1st floor,"MISEOKU"( Living room,family room space for KASHIBAYA residence )
bibouroku tabito
Entrance of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
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1st floor,"BUTUMA"( Living room,family room space for KASHIBAYA residence )
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2nd floor,the second room of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
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2nd floor,the first room of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
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2nd floor of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
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『岡部宿大旅籠 柏屋』 二階 情報展示コーナー
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2nd floor,display area of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
bibouroku tabito
Kitchen of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
bibouroku tabito
HONZASIKI(Main salon) of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
bibouroku tabito
Japanese garden of "Great Inn KASHIBAYA"
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House 1,800 years before it was restored to the original state. Toro Ruins in Shizuoka City
bibouroku tabito
Passenger ship"NIPPON MARU" in Shimizu port (2)
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Abekawa bridge (1)
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Autumn colour of Atami-Baien (Atami plum garden) 1
bibouroku tabito
Santa Claus carries "a pig causing happiness" Ⅱ (Shizuoka City)
bibouroku tabito
Street performance (Shizuoka City)
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The equipment,imitate a wrecked ship. Hirono coast park 2 ( Shizuoka City )
bibouroku tabito
After a typhoon, a swollen Abe-river (2)
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駿府匠宿 (静岡市駿河区)
bibouroku tabito
Kamo iris garden in Kakegawa City   Ⅱ
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Shizuoka City Toro museum  (2)
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「街角のマルシェ」 シズオカ×カンヌウィーク2014(4)
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