Grosser Norderneyer Leuchtturm

This pano was taken from near the top of the lighthouse where it is open to the public. The lighthouse was built between 1871 and 1874 and is still active. Only 253 steps to the observation deck that is 53m above the ground. There is a narrow walkway with a cage for fall protection.

Copyright: Scott Harper
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12576x6288
Uploaded: 26/07/2014
Updated: 01/08/2014


Tags: lighthouse; ocean; sea coast; island; norderney
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Lighthouse Norderney
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Weisse Duene, Weisse Düne, Weiße Düne, Norderney
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Chris Witzani
North Sea island Norderney
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Norderney island | path to the east end
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