粤秀奇峰 Guangdong Xiu high peak
Guangdong Province

“the Guangdong Xiu high peak " the ancient Chu courtyard memorial arch, the ancient Chu courtyard memorial

arch, builds in the Qing Dynasty, was once submitted to Yu Chu the story according to the Southern Guangdong

more clansman to construct. Fable Hui Wangci Chu Zixiong Yun Zuo (offers a sacrifice to meat), saying of the

life: “south town yi more chaotic”. Therefore the South China Sea submits to Chu, is Chu Tingyi the dynasty.

No matter what before the clamour constructs the fragrant Yu city, the `Chu courtyard” (or “pavilion”) is

the Guangzhou most ancient name. “the ancient Chu courtyard ' the stone memorial arch in Yue Xiushang

Zhongshan under the monument, sat west crown prince initially to construct at peaceful and orderly times

ancestor Shunzhi first year (in 1644), the Qing Emperor Muzong Tongzhi six years (in 1867) reconstructed. This

work place is a two column between building granite memorial arch, on the stone column inscribes “Tongzhi six

year inferior fourth heavenly stem and the fourth earthly branch first month of spring the auspicious day

audiences friendly letter to contribute money to reconstruct”. The column breaks the delivering in person

square shape, gets down has the cornerstone, holds the drum stone with around with to put on queens. Under the

work place volume is the jot work place. The both sides support respectively by a stone carving bramble finch.

fang lower part slightly assumes shape of the month Liang. Clypeus prime plane distinction seal cutting

`Guangdong Xiu high peak”, “ancient Chu courtyard”.

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More About Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province, referred to as "Yue ", the provincial capital Guangzhou, the jurisdiction of cities in 21 provinces, including two deputy provincial cities (Guangzhou, Shenzhen), prefecture-level cities 19. Formerly Kwangtung, Canton, is Pinyin GuǎngDōng. Guangdong is the southern coast of mainland China, a province located south of Nanling, the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Macao, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian border, and Hainan across the sea. It is a Han Chinese as the main provinces, the country's 56 ethnic groups are distributed in the province. Guangdong customs and in language, history and culture, have a unique aspect, the internal department has three people, and northern China are very different. Guangdong GDP value has surpassed Taiwan as China's most economically developed provinces in the most open culture.