Guilin Fu Boshan - tries the sword stone
Guangxi Province

Fu Boshan is in a Guilin traveling tourist route's classics scenic site. Fu Boshan borders on the Lijiang River, the

butte towers, east the pillow river water, hits an obstruction the billows. In the garden concentrated the mountain,

the water, the hole, the stone, the garden, the cultural relic, six US to have both, has “洑 the wave scenic place

” the reputation. Fu Boshan shore of located at the Lijiang River, the butte towers, half pillow land, partly

inserts the river deep pool, obstructs whirls the billows, therefore thinks the name. And further because south the

Chinese 洑 wave helps the army horse drafts after this, has the far bead 洑 wave hearsay to acquire fame. On Tang

Shishan once constructed General Fu Bo the courtyard. The existing last of the ten Heavenly Stems pavilion on the

water, listens to scenic spots and so on Tao Chinese style pavilion, halfway up the mountainside pavilion, far bead

hole, trial sword stone, thousand Buddha crags, coral crag, but also one likes salty food 1000 kilograms” thousand

person of pots “and the heavy more than 2700 kilograms bells, has the German daughters for clear Dingnan Wang Kong

to mourn his/her father to cast. In the far bead hole's trial sword stone, abuts the Lijiang River, is one, from the

hole goes against hangs, but under the megalith, is apart from the ground only inch little, breaks suddenly,

actually marvelous sight. Hands down tries the sword result for 洑 wave general. The far bead hole and thousand

Buddha crags, are distributing many Tang the Song inscription carved on a cliff face carved stone and the Buddhism

inscription carved on a cliff face statuary, ancient calls “洑 the wave scenic place”. east also the bead hole

Linjiang, two hangs upside down the stone column, east short, another big like funnel shape from the hole goes

against overhangs, takeoffs the only 4-5 centimeters, the shape, if floats the column, its lower extremity is

smooth, seems is originally connected with the ground, afterward is truncated by the knife sword breaks is the same.

This unusual stone column, is called by the people “tries the sword stone”. 

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