Gulf Run-Harley
Middle East
Copyright: Alex Dennis Bolado
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Taken: 12/01/2013
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Alex Dennis Bolado
Gulf Run at 360 Mall
John P. Belmonte
John P. Belmonte
Al Dajeej foot bridge
John P. Belmonte
Ramadan sunset
John P. Belmonte
Al-Mutawa Building Left-wing
Michael Malag
Kuwait Zoo circle
Alex Dennis Bolado
Weekend at Remal
Alex Dennis Bolado
Mishref Sand Sculptures
Sijo Abraham
Jleeb Al Shuyoukh
Michael Malag
Haraj (Friday Market)
Michael Malag
Jabriya Coop Playground
Alex Dennis Bolado
Dinner at Popeyes, Kuwait
Jan Vrsinsky
Mountain Pine Ridge National Park 1
Johannes Span
Brian Richards
34th Street and 8th Avenue, NY, NY
Dawid Gorny
Pearls in Racab Croatia
Pierre-André Bergeron
Preparing for Halloween
Pascal Moulin
Le relais des Salines au Grand-Village-Plage - France
sports unit Atanacio Girardot (Medellin / Colombia)
Mahmood Hamidi
Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Alexander Serop Kegham Kehyaian
Peak Leafs... High Water
Scott Anderson
Callanais Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis
Mark Weber
Drei zinnen huette
Peter Peherstorfer
Camino Surf: The Cliffs of San Andres de Teixido
Alex Dennis Bolado
Inside Heritage Souk
Alex Dennis Bolado
Train Ride sa Luneta
Alex Dennis Bolado
Bended A Light Year Ahead
Alex Dennis Bolado
The Grand Mosque - Kuwait
Alex Dennis Bolado
SB Entrance
Alex Dennis Bolado
Weekend Walk
Alex Dennis Bolado
Tanay Park
Alex Dennis Bolado
Fruit Stop
Alex Dennis Bolado
Picture-picturan sa Luneta
Alex Dennis Bolado
Centennial Clock
Alex Dennis Bolado
Antipolo Church Entrance
Alex Dennis Bolado
Souk Sharq Park
More About Middle East

Modern civilization began right here in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley. Also known as the Fertile Crescent or Mesopotamia, this is the place where, six thousand years ago, agriculture, writing and mathematics were brought into widespread use.The term "Middle East" comes from the British navy, which used it to describe the countries on the trade route from Europe to India and China. Everything from Afghanistan to Morocco may possibly be classified as "middle eastern", depending on whom you ask -- and when.Only a partial list of past Empires in the middle eastern territory includes Sumeria, Babylonia, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire!When northern Europe was still lurking about in slimy cold stone castles playing chess, the Middle East was enjoying the flowers of poetry, luxurious craftsmanship, music and literature. In fact, the Renaissance in Europe was partly inspired by stories brought back from the middle east by travelers along the trade route.Strategic location, religious history and the world's largest supply of crude oil have kept the Middle East at the center of world activity for centuries. The saga continues.Text by Steve Smith.