海口崖州古城;Haikou cliff state old city
Hainan Province

The Haikou cliff state old city, the predecessor is a temple to Guanyu, it is said Hainan biggest temple to Guanyu. in 1993 overhauled when a Hebei investor consumed to spend the large amount of money, expanded in the temple to Guanyu foundation its scale to the present situation, besides main hall, but also has constructed the mausoleum chamber, imitated Yama, the ghost to sentence the official rank mythical characters. But because the tourist reduces, poor management and so on reasons, the traveling department in 1997 started to stop its scenic spot qualifications . Did not have the source of income Haikou cliff state old city to be lonelier, since after February's, 2005 fire, visited to here the person to reduce.

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More About Hainan Province

Hainan (English name: Hai Nan). Capital: Haikou, referred to as: Joan. Hainan Province on April 13 -1988, the Seventh National People's Congress adopted the first meeting of "the decision on the establishment of Hainan Province" and "On the Establishment of the Hainan Special Economic Zone of the resolution "; April 26, 1988, the CPC Hainan Province Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Government formally. Since then, Hainan became a province of the youngest and largest special economic zone, Hainan's development has entered a new historical period. South China Sea on Hainan Island is a bright pearl, is second only to the country's second largest island of Taiwan. Hainan is the smallest land area of China, the largest province of the marine area.