Harbin Soviet Martyrs Monument
Heilongjiang Province
Soviet Martyrs Monument Museum Square is located in the west side of Nangang District, Harbin. August 1945 Soviet command fascist war against Japan to commemorate the Soviet soldiers killed in action to start the construction, completed on November 7. Monument by the Beizuo, monument and the monument top form. Positive monument engraved with inscriptions in Russian, Chinese translation of "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and to independence, died in the war heroes immortal. " Beizuo bronze inlaid with a positive bottom, carved Chinese "to commemorate the Soviet command and fight Japanese imperialism in the Red Army soldiers who died to establish this tablet, and the Soviet Union, Great October Socialist Revolution twenty-eight anniversary memorial ceremony was held. A Ninety-four five years on Nov. 7. "monument in the north and south sides of the lower part of the relief operations have a Soviet. Plastic top two Soviet monument land, naval soldiers holding the Soviet national emblem, a symbol of victory. Monument sleek, solemn.
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Updated: 18/06/2014


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More About Heilongjiang Province

Heilongjiang is China's most northeastern province, an area of 46 square kilometers, the provincial capital Harbin. As early as three to four million years ago during the Paleolithic, there is human activity here. Heilongjiang Province is located in east longitude 121 ° 11'-135 ° 05 ', latitude 43 ° 25'-53 ° 33 '. The northern, eastern Heilongjiang, Ussuri River as the boundary, and the Russian River; adjacent to the western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; the southern border of Jilin Province.