Harriet Tubman on the Banks of the Choptank River - Harriet Tubman's Eastern Shore of Maryland
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Harriet Tubman on the Banks of the Choptank River in Caroline County Maryland.    This is the route she followed along the Choptank River in Caroline County.   It was not so green when she lead People to freedom she always travel in winter, to avoid capture from Slave masters.  Tubman told the tale of one journey with a group of fugitive slaves, when morale sank and one man insisted he was going to go back to the plantation. She pointed the gun at his head and said, "You go on or die."  Several days later, he was with the group as they entered Canada.
This is a photoshoped 360 I portray Harriet Tubman in.
Copyright: Shawn t moore
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7368x3684
Uploaded: 01/08/2013
Updated: 05/08/2013


Tags: harriet tubman; bucktown; dorchester county; maryland; underground railroad; caroline county; choptank river; out_of_this_world
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