High Junk Peak
High Junk Peak 釣魚翁

High Junk Peak - one of the four treacherous peaks in Hong Kong - is the no. 1 attraction of Clearwater Bay Country Park. Steep and menacing, the spur offers surprisingly peaceful vistas. This juxtaposition of wild ruggedness and bucolic charm have lured many visitors in times old and new. One poet in the Qing Dynasty wrote the Bamboo Verse to mark his journey to High Junk Peak, "Hiking across Sheung Yeung Shan and Ha Yeung Shan, the encounter with High Junk made my day". Towering 344 metres above the lowlands, High Junk Peak tests hikers with a tough final ascent. On the east face of its abrupt summit, precipices plunge down to densely wooded foothills, where buttress slopes stretch all the way to Clearwater Bay and the typhoon shelter beyond. The High Junk Peak Country Trail, a hillside green walk, takes you to a lookout atop Sheung Yeung Shan. This sinuous route offers breathtaking views on both sides. The eastern view, revealing jagged cliffs of High Junk Peak, is particularly arresting. Common Melastoma (Melastoma candidum) is widely distributed in these hills. In early spring, when a burst of pink dresses nearby slopes, the formidable High Junk Peak seems almost tame.

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More About High Junk Peak 釣魚翁

Towering 344 metres above the lowlands, High Junk Peak (Traditional Chinese: 釣魚翁, lit. "Fisherman") is one of the three treacherous peaks in Hong Kong. It is the number one attraction of Clear Water Bay Country Park located in the Clear Water Bay Peninsula, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong.The other two sharp peaks of Hong Kong are Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖) and Castle Peak (青山).It is also known as one of the three sharp peaks of Sai Kung. The other two are Sharp Peak and Tai Yue Ngam Teng (睇魚岩頂).