Hildesheim St. Michael - Eastern Choir

St. Michael (= Michaelis Church) is an outstanding example of the architecture of the period around 1000 in Germany, the Ottonian or early Romanesque architecture. Therefore the church is already since 1985 a Unesco World Heritage Site. The church was consecrated in 1033.

Another famous piece is the painted wooden Romanesque ceiling, whose theme is the "root of Jesse": the genealogy of Jesus. It is 200 years younger, from the beginning of the 13th century.

In the east choir stands since 2010 the "Bernward Column" from the cathedral in Hildesheim, which is currently being restored. The column is also from the beginning of the 11 century. It has a height 3.80 m, was cast as one piece of bronze and depicts scenes from the life of Jesus.

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Wolfgang Guelcker
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