Historic Moor Express
On weekends in the summer months you can also travel to Stade by Moor Express from Bremen via the Devil’s Moor (Teufelsmoor). The train consists of "Rail Busses" from the 1950th. One of the coaches is always only for bicycle transport Experience culture and beautiful landscape. The Moorexpress takes you deep into the Teufelsmoor (Devil's Moor). The legendary Moor Express exists since 1909. Once again it is possible to experience it on a journey between Bremen and Stade via Worpswede, Gnarrenburg, Bremervörde and Fredenbeck. The trains run every weekend and on public holidays. Don’t miss this wonderful experience – although this is not a usual express connection of the 21st century. More about the Moor Express
Copyright: Willy Kaemena
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Taken: 13/05/2008
Uploaded: 04/09/2008
Updated: 28/02/2015


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The 1,200 year old “Free Hanseatic City of Bremen” and its North Sea port sister of Bremerhaven make up a two-city state, which is the smallest of Germany’s sixteen states. The cities are separated by a mere 60 kilometers along the river Weser. Bremen is a center of technology, renowned for its leadership in aircraft construction and space station assembly as well as space propulsion systems. The city-state earned the distinction of being named the “City of Science” in 2005 as demonstrated by the science center “Universum Bremen” and the “EADS Astrium”.