Horses Near Myvatn

Photographer’s Notes:

One of the panoramic pictures I really wanted to get while in Iceland was one that included some horses with a background scene that just said “Iceland”. Now just to clear this up now, this photo is nothing like what I had in mind. I saw the horses as I rode passed on my Motorbike. I slowed down and did a U turn. I just thought the scene looked interesting and thought I’d try and get up close to the horses. I parked up the bike and jumped the fence into the field and started trying to make friends with the horses…  Small clumps of grass didn’t seem to be working as a bribe for them and they remained quite shy and frustratingly would not come close enough to the camera so that I could make a “feature” of them in the image. A van then stopped on the road and I thought it must have been the owners of the horses so I started to leave, only it was some other tourists. The man said to me he just had to stop as he thought I had just taken “the best photo in the world”, as he put it. I told him I didn’t really get anything. The man took a few photos while his Asian girlfriend stood and watched the horses. Another car then pulled up and some more tourists got out and entered the field to get some photos. I thought it was a hard enough shot to get without having to worry about how the tourists were going to work in the shot… In the final panorama I managed to get rid of the other photographers and keep the interesting looking Asian girl and naturally the horses too. I’d have liked it much more if the horses would have let me come a few metres closer but for the horses panorama that I wanted I thought that something was better than nothing.

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Copyright: David Rowley
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12000x6000
Taken: 07/07/2012
Uploaded: 29/07/2012
Updated: 07/09/2012


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