Hotel Leon Bianco San Gimignano
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Italy Intensives ECU
Eating gelati in San Gimignano
Carsten Arenz
San Gimignano - Cistern on the Piazza della Cisterna during Christmas
Jan Koehn
Piazza della Cisterna
Stefano Gelli
San Gimignano - Piazza della Cisterna
luis davilla
san gimignano. piazza della cisterna
Carsten Arenz
San Gimignano - Cistern on the Piazza della Cisterna during Christmas at Night
Uwe Bücher
Piazza della Cisterna, San Gimignano
Roland Raele
Italy Tuscany San Gimignano Piazza della Cisterna
Wojciech Sadlej
San Gimignano
Michael V. Rasmussen
Piazza della Cisterna, San Gimignano
Larry Huppert
San Gimigano Pano3
Carsten Arenz
San Gimignano - Piazza della Cisterna during Christmas
Deineko Daryna
Ai-Petri Crimea Ukraine
Adam Shomsky
Christ Church Altar, Dublin, Ireland
Costas Vassis
Lee Casalena
Snowy River
Michael Pop
The bells of the fortress-tower in Slimnic
Vladimír Cebo
Guizhou Beipanjiang Bridge
Costas Vassis
Naousa harbour at night
yunzen liu
Bright Summit Peak in Huangshan
Adam Shomsky
Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC
Lee Casalena
Plaza Hotel
Lee Casalena
Fremont Street
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Hospital lachine
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Netto Fasanvej
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Lahang 00857400 979c828b105ad572a98c jpg
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More About Tuscany

The Tuscany, one of the most beautiful Italian regions, is known throughout the world for its Landscapes and for the Works of Art that it houses (It is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance). Six localities have been designated World Heritage Sites: the Historical Center of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Pienza, the Square of the Cathedral of Pisa with the Leaning Tower and the Val d'Orcia. It is in the central Italy and borders with Emilia Romagna (north), Marche and Umbria (east) and Lazio (South). The West coast is bathed from the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea; here we can find the islands of the Tuscan archipelago including the island of Elba. The regional capital is Florence and the other provinces are: Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.