Hu Lishan fort
Fujian Province

Hu Lishan fort: located in the southern tip of Xiamen Island beach Hu Li Shan, was built in two years Guangxu (1894), 100 rise and fall of many years of dismal history. Fort station base is camphor Ukrainian juice and glutinous rice, brown sugar, lime, sand mix made of very tough. The whole fort from the barracks, tunnels, command building, observation post station, ammunition storage, protection moats etc., into a rectangle with a granite stone castle, an area of 13,000 square meters. Xiamen has been the history of the people of ancient battle against the imperialist aggressors. Fort West and East, two, there

are two main guns (now the only remaining one gun), from Germany Krupp Arsenal purchased. Shot 13.13 meters in length and weighs 50 tons. Muzzle diameter of 280 mm, the effective range of 16,000 meters. Fort also on display from the Xiamen sea area and infrastructure sites unearthed a few doors cast in the Ming and Qing Dynasties 50 of Lilium. Something between the two emplacement tunnels connecting the tunnel exit with the barracks. Care outside the moats, which are patrolling Road, for the garrison.

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Fujian Province, referred to as "Min ", the provincial capital Fuzhou, southeast China's coastal provinces. Located in the north latitude 23 ° 33 'to 28 ° 20 ', longitude 115 ° 50 'to 120 ° 40 ' between adjacent Zhejiang Province, northeast, west, northwest and bordering Jiangxi Province, Southwest China and Guangdong Province is connected, and east of Taiwan Strait, and across the island. Most things for the 480 km wide, up to about 530 km north-south, the land area of 124,000 square kilometers. Administrative divisions Fujian Province, the Matsu Islands (Matsu), Kinmen Islands (Kinmen County) and Wuchiu Island (an Putian County, Kinmen County hosting), the actual effective control by the Taiwan authorities.