Changsha opens the lucky temple - Goddess of Mercy tower
Hunan Province

Changsha opens the lucky temple, in Changsha north end of town Xin River and the Xiangjiang River intersection point phoenix mouth, some palace is grand, the imposing manner extraordinary millennium ancient temple, this is three Hunan famous temples opens the lucky temple. opens the lucky temple is the Chinese Buddhism opens one of with emphasis temples, is the zen sends the famous temple near Jinan ZongYang Qi, builds in the Five Dynasties time, was had more than 1000 years history. At that time Ma Yin established a separatist regime Hunan, founded Chu country, the history calls “horse Chu”. Ma take Changsha as a capital city, builds the temporary palace in the north end of town, constructs meets spring the garden, takes place of the summer vacation. The Later Tang Dynasty day will become two years (A.D. 927 years) child of Marsch Fan Jiang horse Yin spring garden part of bestowments for the monk life insurance Ningxia, founded has opened the lucky temple. After Marsch Fan succeeds to the throne, also builds on a large scale in neighbor, side builds purple Weishan, north opens the blue wave lake, causes area the lucky temple to become the famous scenic attraction, has the inside and outside 16 scenery.

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More About Hunan Province

Hunan is a province of the People's Republic, is located south of the Yangtze River. Most areas in the south of Dongting Lake, hence the name Hunan. Xiangjiang River runs through the territory of North and South, also known as Xiang. According to legend, the Xiangjiang River in the past few plant hibiscus, Tan Tang Dynasty poet used the "Autumn Hibiscus country thousands of miles" of the sentence, Hunan, it has "Hibiscus country, "said. Hunan, Jiangxi east, west, Chongqing, Guizhou, southern border of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei Province north. Jurisdiction of 13 prefecture-level cities and 1 autonomous prefecture, a total of 136 counties (county-level cities or municipal districts) or more administrative units, the provincial capital of Changsha City based.