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전남도는 조선시대 대표적 별서(別墅)인 '화순 임대정 원림'(和順 臨對亭 園林)이 국가지정문화재인 명승 제89호로 승격 지정됐다고 10일 밝혔다.

별서는 거주하는 주택에서 도보권 내에 떨어져 있거나 인접한 경승지(경치가 좋기로 이름난 곳)에 은둔·풍류·강학(학문을 닦고 연구함) 또는 순수하게 자연을 즐기기 위해 조성한 공간이다.

'화순 임대정 원림'은 조선 후기 사애(沙厓) 민주현(閔顯·1808~1882)이 만년에 관직을 그만두고 귀향해 학(鶴) 형국의 주변지형을 배경삼아 1862년 건립한 별서다. 암반 구릉 위의 정자인 임대정(臨對亭)과 그 주변의 인공 연못인 상지(上池), 하지(下池), 방지(方池), 원림(園林) 요소 등이 잘 어우러졌다.

특히 호남지방 평지를 이용한 특성과 함께 자연환경과 인공적 조경이 조화된 별서로서의 고유성을 가지고 있고, 원림의 요소가 잘 갖춰진 명승지로 평가 받고 있다.

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Copyright: Lee Byong Soon(이병순)
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Uploaded: 31/07/2012
Updated: 18/07/2014


Tags: 전라남도; 화순군; 남면; 임대정원림; 사애 민주현
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More About Korea

Korea is one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world with over five thousand years of history. According to the original creation myth, the world we live in today is the work of the Heavenly Prince Hwanung, whose father was the King of Heaven.The Heavenly Prince asked his father to give him some land to govern, so the Father sent him down to Mount Taebaek. With him the Prince brought the Minister of Clouds, the Earl of Rain and the Chancellor of Wind. They also brought three thousand helpers.Under the shade of a sandalwood tree the Prince founded a holy city called Sinsi, the City of God. He put his Ministers in charge of three hundred and sixty areas of human culture, teaching them to grow crops and to make laws concerning what is good and what is evil.A tiger and a bear living in a nearby cave saw this city and desperately wanted to become human. Every day they came to the sandalwood tree at the center of the city to pray fervently for becoming humans.Hwanung saw their devotion and gave them instructions to remain in the cave and fast for one month, eating nothing but garlic and mugwort. The tiger was too impatient to stand the long and boring days in the cave, so he gave up and left, but Bear maintained the fast. At the end of the month she was transformed into a beautiful woman who became the mother of the Korean people.Her first son was Don-gun, the First King of the Korean people. When Don-Gun passed on the throne to his own son, he became a Mountain God. It is interesting that mountain gods are still worshipped today in Korea.Text by Steve Smith.